The Big Zoe

Being his first project since 2018, New York’s own Lil Haiti has released this 5-track project that is guaranteed to turn heads whenever you turn the volume up. Before the project dropped, he had already gained a lot of attention with the second track on the EP, “Where The Cap At,” featuring another New York artist Flipp Dinero. In this track, we are introduced to the playful yet “about business” passionate tone that Lil Haiti sets throughout this EP. Both artists rap witty wordplay, particularly about how quick they will make money if they lose it. The sharp rhyme schemes that they use while delivering this message is guaranteed to leave you impressed. Lil Haiti definitely stresses the importance of lyricism throughout every single track as he spits intelligent bars. Closing the EP out with “Poland Spring,” a water bottle, Lil Haiti further cements his lyrical skills as the metaphors in this track are brilliantly thought out. His high level lyrical skill along with the high octane beats create an exciting atmosphere that has us constantly itching to see what is coming next.